Creative Outlets

I have two essays that I should be working on these days, articles really, but I seem to be procrastinating very well.  It’s not that I don’t want to work on them but… well, I don’t want to work on them just now.  This happens when I’m low on sleep sometimes.  My brain has started thinking more in colors than words.  (Does that happen to anyone else?)  So, I got the urge to make something out of dark gray, dark blue and dark purple yarn.  I mentioned that on Facebook and a cousin put in a request so I will be working on that every spare moment for the next couple weeks leading up to her baby shower.  It’s still a form of creativity, particularly since I don’t have a pattern, but now that I have the yarn and a vague idea of what I’m creating, it’s fairly low effort.  An easier creative outlet for the sleep deprived.  Try it sometime. 😉

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