Poem: A Golden Glow



Editing Mode

Every writer needs an extra cup, or two, of their preferred beverage when editing. Am I right? Well, here’s a little trick that I’ve recently found helpful.
I write either on paper or on a computer. If I write on paper, then I edit for the first time as I type my manuscript into the computer.
If I write on the computer, I may make one or two passes reading through the manuscript and editing on the computer. Then I print it.
I edit it on the paper copy and transfer the changes to computer document.
Now I’ve added a new method for finding my mistakes and taking stock of the landscape of the draft. I turn it into a .pdf file and load it to my Kindle, where I have a free .pdf file reader.
Something about reading on the Kindle, the way I might another book, helps me to catch even more mistakes and edit the overall plot and flow of the story. It’s almost as if I were reading someone else’s writing.
I might try a suggestion from author G.H. Monroe, and read it into a recorder so I can play it back for myself.
Pretty soon it’ll be the beta readers turn! Yay!

Poem: Eventide Rhapsody

The Friday poem. Please feel free to share.


Reading Poetry


I’ve read weekly for others at writer’s group and I’ve read a poem or two at open mics but never had a reading all to myself, until this past Sunday at Card Carrying Books & Gifts, shown in the picture. I found I was rather nervous, though I guess I didn’t need to be.

It was a small group – twelve people – two friends, one of which dragged her husband along, and my family. The rest were the store manager, store owners and their families. One of the store owners did ask me to sign a copy for herself and a friend.

I definitely learned I need to start promoting readings sooner.

Next up is recording the audio book. I recorded a few in preparation for the reading and I want to get on with recording the book so I’ll be checking into what I need to do that. Hoping I can just borrow the equipment from our library’s maker space. We have quite an array of options there.

I’ll be part of a local author meet and greet with book sales and signing on November 10th at the North Corning Fire Hall and I’m hoping to put together a group reading and sale at the library with local authors in the near future as well.

I keep writing more, all the time.

Poem: On Finger Lakes Time

The Friday poem . . .


Delayed Creation

I haven’t been feeling very inspired lately but there’s still plenty of work to be done. I’ve been typing up poems I’ve written over the last couple of weeks and making notes for the poetry reading I’ll be doing this coming Sunday at Card Carrying Books & Gifts. (3 pm)
What kind of notes do you make for a poetry reading? Well, I don’t dance and I don’t sing, often, but I do like to tell some stories surrounding the creation of some of my poems and about my writing processes.
It also occurred to me to look at some old story ideas that never came to fruition. I’m turning the beginning of a story, Cemetery Trees, into a poem. Maybe I’ll share it around Halloween.
Hope to see some of you at the poetry reading in Corning next Sunday!

Poem: White Koi Haiku

White koi fish swims, turns,

seems to return my regard.

What does she see, or perceive?



Artist’s Statement


I’ve been working on my application for a Sustainable Arts individual award. Here’s my artist’s statement, so far.

Artist’s Statement: For me, writing is a way to reach out and connect with others and, hopefully, to help them feel connected. I believe that the connection which writing and reading can bring dispels the illusion of our distance and loneliness. I write because I have something to say, a story to tell, either that I think will interest someone or help them in some way. I write for others but, even more so, I write for myself. I use my writing to explore ideas and situations, to exorcise my demons, to reflect upon and respond to the world around me, or to explain my thinking about a subject. I write because it’s how I make sense of the world and how I express my outrage or joy. I write, in part, because I like to write. It’s fun. I like to play with words, like some kids like to build castles with sand. I’d say that’s reason enough. It has led me to take the idea to “write the story you want to read” to heart. I know, occasionally, I write something and think – oh, that’s nice, I like that, and that’s just plain fun.

Poem: Being Wrong Can Be All Right


What does success look like for you?


I saw a meme the other day that showed Kermit the Frog in various poses and it was captioned, “Me, pondering whether my writing career is going anywhere.”

It reminded me of a book years ago that encouraged readers to define what success would look like for them individually. For me it was a husband, family home in the country (where I live) and children. I would get up and send the kids off to school and my husband to work, then write for the morning and deal with business correspondence in the afternoon.

I’m part way there.

It also included writing things that affected people positively, helped them in some way. I’ve gotten that too, but I want more of it. 🙂

A friend took my book on the road with her this past weekend to a festival where she had her own books, beaded jewelry and photography. She said no one bought a book but several people looked and took one of my business cards, so that’s hopeful.

I could live with just writing. I LOVE to write, period, full stop. I’d keep doing it if no one ever read a word I wrote again, though sharing my writing in writer’s group and online is a wonderful outlet as well.

What does success look like for you?

(Shown: Carol’s Coffee & Art Bar in Owego, NY from my favorite table in the back.)

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