Earthbound: The Final Edits


I’ve been working on edits for my novel Earthbound, based on suggestions from my beta readers. I’m so close!

I have just a couple little, tiny bits to write before I send it to the next set of beta readers. I’ll apply whatever edits they suggest, that fall in line with my vision for the book, and it will be off to the publishers.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this book, and am still enjoying editing it.


Poem: The Void

The Friday poem.


Ghosts on the line.


I’ve been working on a story the past week that was inspired by this very old phone from my attic.

My main character cleans up the phone and hangs it on the wall where it used to hang, according to a picture she found. Then she starts receiving calls on it from someone who is no longer among the living.

I’ve been trying to look for old pictures online of phones like this but none of them are quite the same configuration. Has anyone ever seen one like this?

Poem: Imperfect Solutions


Earthbound: first beta review is in!


Already had feedback from my first beta reader on my paranormal romance, Earthbound, and . . . she loved it! Yay! Things to improve but I’m on the right track. I might build cover art around something like the picture here. It’s from a trip to the Catskills last year.

Poem: How rude . . .

The Friday poem – I hope you enjoy!


Earthbound Update


This week will need extra coffee and there MIGHT be wine, at some point.

I THOUGHT I was done editing my paranormal romance, Earthbound, but then I decided to double check some facts and bring in some more details. This led me to the realization that some major plot points in the very beginning need to be changed. My main character may even need to be relocated geographically. Oops. I’ll get there, but it may take another week.

Earthbound: Ally is a veterinarian and a raptor rehabilitator with healing hands. She loves what she does and she’s good at it, but otherwise she keeps to herself high on her Upstate New York hill. Ally has secrets that she hasn’t even shared with her best friend. Then she is called to take on the rehabilitation of a raptor by the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center at Cornell University. There she meets Matthew Blake. He has quite a few secrets of his own, and some of them are about Ally.


Poem: Two Dollars

The Friday poem.


Weekly Update: Edward Dougherty’s 10048


There’s not much to report this week, though I feel like I’ve accomplished a good bit – submitted all the short stories I have ready to possible places of publication and I’m within 30 pages of finishing the edit on my paranormal romance, Earthbound.
So, I thought I’d offer another writer’s words. Fellow author Edward Dougherty is releasing his book, 10048, a collection of poems about 9/11. I’ve only been privileged to read a few but they’ve been an elegaic remembrance and exploration of a defining event in our history.
You can read more about it and some of his poems here –

Poem: A Fault in our Perception

The Friday poem.



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