Novel Update: Earthbound’s Beginnings


I was trying to think back to when I first started writing “Earthbound” and what inspired it.The only thing I could remember was a single image of a blond man in khaki shorts jumping from one boulder to another then dropping down in front of the heroine. (To be honest, I think it was at least partially inspired by Steve Irwin.) That image didn’t even end up staying in the book.

But was that the only thing that kick started my imagination to write an entire book? Surely not. And when exactly did I start it? I realized I probably started it during a NaNoWriMo month so I went to the projects in my handy dandy NaNo dashboard.

Yes, my Camp NaNoWriMo project for 2014 is titled “Something About Demons.” I only made it 30 words in, but by the time I came back to it in November, it was called, “Among the Angels.”

I still can’t tell you exactly what inspired the novel in the beginning, but I’ll share some of the inspirations behind various aspects of the book in the weeks to come.

“Earthbound” definitely involves some angels, and some fallen angels. It’s still on pre-order for 99 cents for all ebook platforms.

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First Review of Earthbound, a Paranormal Romance


I received my first review on Goodreads for “Earthbound” in response to an Advanced Reader Copy. I’m so excited!

“Melora Johnson’s writing is thoroughly engrossing. With a delicious variety of characters, all of whom we get to know well, this is a story that takes you on a fun ride. There are wonderful passages which set the scene so clearly, I felt that I was sitting in the room with the characters! This is a romance, and a thriller, and a fantasy. My only complaint is that the epilogue came too quickly. More! More!”

“Earthbound” is on pre-order sale now for just 99 cents until it is released on January 15, 2020. The link to most e-book platforms can be found on the Tirgearr Publishing book page at…/Johnson_…/earthbound.htm

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Author Events and Book Updates


This weekend, we had FIFTEEN authors at my library reading from their books, as well as swag, food, and door prizes. I woke up incredibly nervous that morning, but thanks to help from friends, it went off without a hitch.

I had a spot myself to sell signed copies of my poetry book, “A Sanctuary Built of Words.”

I also put up a sheet offering free Advanced Reader Copies of my upcoming paranormal romance in exchange for an honest review. Earthbound will be out in January and I need to get people talking about it.

Earthbound is on pre-order sale right now for just 99 cents and will be $3.99 when it releases in mid-January.

It is an ebook, available on most all platforms. You can check it out on Tirgearr Publishing at

(By the way, contrary to what the mug says, I don’t correct anyone’s grammar . . . unless they ask me to.)

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A Book Party and Publishing News


We’re going to be having a fantastic Book Party with 15 authors at my library in Corning this coming Saturday. We’ll all be reading aloud, and have books to sign and sell. I can’t wait! There’ll be food and door prizes too!
In personal publishing news, I actually got an email on Saturday that I had a short story accepted into an online literary journal called The Paragon Journal. That makes four pieces, from poetry to a novel, coming out in the next year. It’s amazing to finally be making progress.

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Writerly Update: NaNoWriMo in Progress


I just love the moments of serendipity that come with working on a new story.

It helps me to visualize my characters if I pick someone to play them in my mind. I finally decided on Friday that a guardian angel character was most like Chris Pratt, at least visually. I was clicking through the television stations that night and landed on American Ninja. Strangely enough, Chris Pratt was guest hosting.

Sometimes it’s a matter of creating those moments out of the things that happen to me. The other night my daughter woke me from a sound sleep where I was dreaming about sleeping (very meta I know.) As she patted the blankets near my head to wake me, in my dream it turned into a ghost attacking me. I woke with my heart racing and adrenaline coursing through my body. First I thought, well it’s going to take a while to get back to sleep after THAT. Then I thought, what a great bit for the story I’m working on!

I also recently saw a picture from my local animal shelter of Rottweiler puppies that were up for adoption. A day or two later it occurred to me that I could use a guardian angel manifesting as a Rottweiler to keep a demon away from my main character’s house.

See how it all comes together? THIS is the most FUN part of writing.

I’m running a little behind, around 10,000 words as of Sunday night, but I’ve now written a couple scenes that I really LOVE.

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