A Sense of Creative Satisfaction


Most authors know that writing, editing, and publishing a book takes a commitment of years. My friend, author Patrick Thomas, says that in Hollywood it’s “Yes! Yes! Yes!” until it’s no, but in publishing it’s “No. No. No.” until it’s Yes! It can be disheartening at times, waiting for that break.
So, what can make that wait, for your publishing break or any other big achievement in life, more bearable? Perhaps small creative side jobs.
Not too long ago we had an NYU professor in expository writing, Andrei Guruianu, at my library to talk about finding and creating side projects in order to get that sense of accomplishment that will buoy your spirits while you work on longer projects.
It can be little side projects in writing, like my self-published poetry book, or something in a totally different creative vein, like author Christy Jackson Nicholas’ bead work and photography.
Hey, it can be cooking or gardening or needlework. The point is setting a small task and enjoying the satisfaction derived from a job well done.
I’ve been using a book titled “642 Things to Write About” for writing prompts. I’ve been writing on six prompts every week and getting two or three new poems out of it. That has been giving me a sense of accomplishment and something I can share here and on my blog.
What do you do to get your sense of accomplishment?

Poem: Exploring Moonbeams

I’ve been slowed down this week by a touch of bronchitis but I still figured out the design for my author business card and am ready to have them printed up to put out with my books in local stores. Here’s a Friday poem!



Suspended Sentence: A Poem

Suspended Sentence

A Sanctuary Built of Words: Poems of Peace, Grief, and Passion by Melora Johnson – available through Amazon and other book sellers.

Buick Enclaves are Following Me!


This past week has been a fun one even though I’m suffering with one of those awful summer colds where zinc doesn’t diminish the fires of hell burning in my throat. I keep watching more people like the post with the cover of my book and then I invite them to like the page.

And I’m really looking forward to the write-in at my library on Saturday. We welcome everyone who writes but most of the people who come will be from my regular writer’s group. People sometimes thank me for running it but the truth is that I get just as much out of it as I put in. It helps keep me focused on my writing goals. I don’t think I’d have accomplished nearly as much as I have if it weren’t for the group.

I don’t know how close I am to the goal of my writing starting to pay me back financially for all the work I put into it but I play a little game, it’s called “Buick Enclaves are Following Me!” Whenever I go out to write, usually at a coffee shop, I always watch for the Buick Enclaves, particularly red ones. Sunday I stopped at the coffee shop to write for a bit and afterward I went to the grocery store. Just before I turned into the store, a red Buick Enclave passed me going in the other direction. As I was walking out of the store, a dark blue one drove by in the parking lot. They’re my little sign from the Universe, I like to believe, that I am in the right place at the right time, doing what I should be doing.

Do you have anything like that? Little signposts along the road?

Poem: Tires on Pavement

A new poem for Friday! Not remotely creepy for the 13th, sorry.


Cover Appeal

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover? I’m counting on mine to sell the book!

This past weekend I was attending a craft workshop at my library and talking about my book, as usual. (Come on, it’s a new and shiny experience for me!)

As it happened, the woman sitting near me runs a Christmas tree gift shop during the season and asked to see the cover. I showed her on my phone and she offered to carry some copies in their gift shop during the season. Score!

Thank you, GreenDragonArtist!

Now, of course I want people to read the book but I have to get it in their hands first.

Food critics talk about eating “with your eyes” first. The plate appeal is real.

Real Estate agents talk about curb appeal. Here’s my curb appeal and my real estate, from my head.


Now Available: A Sanctuary Built of Words

Yesterday was a bit surreal. My book went up for sale on Amazon. After all the work – compiling, editing, formatting, proofs, and tweaking – there it was.

I still need to finish the Kindle file and I’ll eventually be recording an audio version but, for now, the print version is available.

“What if sanctuary isn’t always a physical place?

Sometimes it’s located in our heads, and sometimes . . .

sanctuary can be found in the stories we share.

Whether our own or the ones we create, they say –

you are not alone – in how you think, in how you feel . . .”

You can click on the image below to order a copy!


The Publishing Finish Line

Well, I can see the finish line in sight. This has been an interesting process from start to finish and reminded me of the need for both patience and creativity in solutions. The book has been approved and will be available for purchase on Amazon in 3 to 5 days, I am told. 🙂
I’m not even sure when I first conceived of the idea of a book of poetry, to be honest. It was at least several months ago. Seemed an easy process – throw some poems together and make a cover in Publisher, right? Ha!
Picking which poems to include wasn’t so difficult. Editing them took much longer than I planned on. My beta readers were the best help. Then I realized the order of the poems mattered more than I had thought and had to fix that. Right up to Sunday night when a page break moved on me and put three blank pages in the pdf I was uploading to Createspace. *sigh*
This morning I went to approve my proof so it could be distributed and the computer at home would not turn on. The fan just ran and ran. 😦 Bad computer, very bad computer.
But we’re almost there. Soon I’ll be able to really start marketing the book and that will be a whole new adventure.