The Friday Poem: Subside

The Friday Poem: Haiku 2/17/2021

The Friday Poem: Writing in Circles

The Friday Poem: A Love Note to the World

I don’t know who I was “channeling” but this is one of those poems that just popped into my head. I heard Nat King Cole singing “It’s Almost Like Being in Love” in my head, picked up the beat, and out poured this poem. If you like it, please share it.

The Friday Poem: Misplaced Ambition

Misplaced Ambition

Isn’t it strange how you wake up one day
with all these memories inside, and behind, you?
People who’ve influenced your storyline
inhabit space in your mind and take part
in all the stories you tell yourself each day
about what happened and what it means.
Though I’ve a richness of experience
to draw upon, I seem to have misplaced
my forward moving ambition of late.
I’d still like to write literary stories,
marry fantastical plots and prose
that goes with fast-paced action and moments
that thrill, and beauty that can be described.
Draw it all back out, in a silver stream
like a movie film beamed at a screen,
but right now, I just seem to be holding still.

© 2021 Melora Johnson

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May the notes of longing in your heart be sweet this season.

Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating!

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