Writerly Update: I’ve got a web site!

I will be developing the site and adding material as time goes on, but my web site is now live! Take a look and let me know what you think. Are there things I should add that you’ve seen on other author’s pages? Thanks for looking in!



The Friday Poem: Lift Off


Writerly Update: BIG News!

good news, hands holding paper with text concept, positive media

I have BIG news to share! I was offered a contract for my first paranormal romance, “Earthbound,” by a publishing house!

It was a little mind-blowing to receive that e-mail; took several hours to realign my mind so it worked properly.

As I gathered up information this weekend to fill out forms for the publisher, I found the work I’ve already been doing in figuring out how to describe my book and developing media channels made it a MUCH less onerous process. This is the business of writing.

At the same time, my brain wants to be creating. I have one short story in the works set during the U.S. storming of Iwo Jima. The Japanese defense involved miles and miles of tunnels – very fertile ground for a story.

Then there’s the follow-up to “Earthbound,” – lines pop into my head at any time.

It’s great to be a writer – but very time-consuming.

The Friday Poem: Someone Else’s Story


Weekly Writing Update: Vacation


On vacation! Still working on writing though. I have character question sheets I found online ages ago that I make a copy of and fill out for each main character. There are tons of different versions online and you can find one that feels comfortable for you. They are a big help in fleshing out traits.

The Friday Poem: Actualized

An old, forgotten poem from a few years ago, brought to light.


Weekly Writing Update: Nah.


Summer reading started today at my library and I am wiped out so instead of talking about my own writing this week, I’d like to turn you on to a fantastic deal. Time Tourist Outfitters Ltd. by Christy Jackson Nicholas is on pre-order for just 99 cents. I’ve already read the book and it is a hoot! From the irrascible Wilda and her unique store that outfits people for time travel to her own travels back in time to the court of Mansa Musa and beyond, this is well worth your time. You’re welcome.

(I am working on my next paranormal romance but apparently it’s kind of tricky describing a character who your main character can’t see or hear in the first act. Who knew? I’ve gone back to character sheets to help me move forward.)

The Friday Poem, a day early.

An older poem, I post every 4th of July. Enjoy.


Weekly Writing Update: Firebound



It’s Camp NaNoWriMo! For those who don’t know, that means July is all about writing something NEW and shiny!

I’ve decided to work on my second novel in the paranormal romance series. This one is titled Firebound. I sat down to work on plotting yesterday and realized . . . I have absolutely no idea where this novel is going. That’s both exciting AND scary.

Right now, what I have is a young woman named Jennifer who is a lapsed Catholic. She died briefly in a car wreck but was resuscitated. While dead, she spoke to an angel. (I figure that’s gotta turn your world upside down.)

She also doesn’t know yet that her best friend is an angel who was born as a human for a lifetime, AND that her friend has been using her talent for healing to speed up and ensure Jen’s burns heal well.

It’s also paranormal romance so there’s the whole love interest thing.

Oh, we got complications, don’t worry. She has burns and is considering becoming a nun now.

See, she is realized she really wasn’t doing much with her life, just minimally working an office job so she could drink too much and chase cute boys. Now she’s waking up to life and wondering what she can do to make a difference in the world?

Her eyes have been opened, literally and figuratively, by the accident and her angel encounter. She can now see the demons lurking in our midst

This should be a fun novel! Battling demons takes time, whether they’re internal or external.