Update: Writing or Rhubarb? Both


When the rhubarb rolls around, take the time to make cobbler.

Sometimes I get to the end of the month and wonder – what did I accomplish? This past month has been filled with working eight hours a day, driving an hour each way to get there, spending quality time with my daughter (including playing Harry Potter Clue,) cooking, getting groceries, laundry, Easter preparations, reading three really good novels on the theme of visual arts for my book club (The Muralist by B.A. Shapiro was outstanding,) and a ridiculous amount of time getting my car repaired so it would pass inspection.

I still managed to write a number of new poems (April is National Poetry Month,) edit a short horror story, submit some stories for publication and very nearly finish editing my paranormal romance novel, Earthbound, to submit. (Just two more scenes to go!)

I tried to rush the editing but Life has a way of slowing me down, of reminding me that it’s quality over speed that counts. Life is also about balance, and the rhubarb only arrives once a year.

Seriously, Google “Smitten Kitchen rhubarb cobbler recipe.” Totally worth it.

The Friday Poem 4/25/2019


Update: Has Anyone Seen My Flash Drive?


Ah, the writing life. Things have not quite gone to plan . . . again.
First, I left my flash drive at work, an hour away. My weekend schedule simply did not hold two hours to drive out there and get it, and a major part of my plan was to edit Earthbound while my car got a new catalytic converter this morning. (That didn’t happen, but that’s a whole other story.) Thankfully my husband offered to go get the flash drive while I did Easter preparations with our daughter.
Then, this morning, Windows decided to update, though I HAD turned automatic updates off AND just run updates on Thursday. A box popped up offering to save my edits but before I could approve it, Windows forced my word processing software to crash. The recovered document held none of my editing but, thankfully, the original file opened and SOME of the edits were in there.
So, not as far as I planned but neither am I back at square one. I did work on eliminating the use of SEEM and WAS, as much as possible.
Tomorrow is another day which will, undoubtedly, hold more editing.

The Friday Poem: In My Mug


Weekly Update: Abstract Poetry


I’ve been writing poetry based on one word prompts this month. It has been a free wheeling experiment, taking me in directions I never expected. The prompt may seem perfectly obvious at first, but then it can go in a totally different direction through free association, creating something far more expressive than representative. It reminds me of abstract art in that respect. Also, because once the poem is created, it can be perceived by the reader in ways far different than I expected, as they read it through the lens of their own experience. I highly recommend giving it a try.
Okay, yes, I’ve been reading The Muralist, by B.A. Shapiro. I know next to nothing about abstract art, but the book is good. 🙂
(The attached piece of art is a painting by Bernd Luz. License at creativecommons. dot org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.en)

Poem: Through a Telescope


Update: Writing Poetry


April is National Poetry Month!
For most people that would mean reading poetry, but for writers, it means writing a poem a day. 🙂 (Of course, reading them too. Check out Poets dot org for a different poem every day.)
A friend posted a simple prompt for each day in April in our writer’s group. (You can find some online by searching for poetry prompts. There’s a TON out there. Give it a try! You don’t have to show it to anybody else if you don’t like how it turns out.)
I started late but so far I’ve written a short poem on the prompts dress, telescope, secrets and book. I was a little surprised by where some of them went and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you. (Hint: Ever looked through a telescope and seen an eye looking back at you? Thankfully, neither have I.)
Still working on editing of my novel Earthbound, and my short horror story but I’ll get there! Right now I’m going to go send another short science fiction story out to yet ANOTHER publication and hope they like it enough to publish it.
Wish me luck!

Friday Poem: Fruit Storage


A White Dog Driving a Car?


I had a very strange dream this morning. In it, I had gone to a writers conference. Other people were concerned about getting parking tickets and I thought I’d better add money to my meter but when I went outside, my car had been towed away!

It was actually my husband’s car because mine was in for repair. I was stranded if I couldn’t get it back, so I went back to the conference and explained my predicament to the room. Two ladies volunteered to help me get to the impound lot before it closed.

We left and were walking down a snowy sidewalk. (This is where it gets weird.) We were following a small white dog driving a child size car. We were concerned about him and made sure he got safely home then went on to the office building but arrived too late. There was a bar on the ground floor so we stopped there for a drink and to consider what I should do.

In walked an editor I recognized, somehow, from a large publishing house, along with two of his staff. He sat down right next to me. Flustered, I asked if I could tell him my pitch line but flubbed it. I hung my head, saying, “It’s too long.”

“Yeah,” he said, “but I’m intrigued. Send it to me.” He gave me his card and I asked, “My query letter or the whole book?” He replied, “The book, and make sure you send it directly to me.”

I was home today because my car was in the shop so I worked on my query letter, marketing plan, and editing on my novel, Earthbound.

Anybody know any small white dogs that drive, or any bars where I’m likely to run into an editor from a publishing house? I’d be interested in either.