Editing and The End of the Line

Well, it’s been a great run but it had to end sometime. Yahoo! Voices has updated their top spots. Devolution: The Beginning garnered 279,448 views and my villanelle, Regrets: A Confessional Villanelle, received 56,639 views before Yahoo! booted them out of the top spots on their Creating Writing page. 
I received some really nice comments in the process, as well.  One person said the villanelle was “deep and powerful” while another said the last stanza was “epic.”  Personally, all I could think was how tortuous it was to write!  I had the idea immediately but it took me three weeks to tweak it into form.  I’m really glad people liked it.  Someone called the beginning of Devolution “gripping.”  I hope they will be back to look for more.
I do wonder though, how many people really liked it, or at least derived some modicum of entertainment from it, since I don’t see that people shared it on Facebook.  Perhaps they copied and posted the link.  Very hard to tell.  This is where you just have to write for yourself and hope other people enjoy it too.
Devolution started as a novel.  Since it was sitting on the hard drive of my laptop, not going anywhere, I decided to pull a story out of it when Yahoo! Voices asked for a short story of the science fiction persuasion.  I had already done a lot of editing on it, following advice about getting things off to a fast start, so it wasn’t too difficult. 
Last night I pulled another story out of it.  I’m looking at it as linked short stories, sort of a serialization in the tradition of Charles Dickens.  It feels good when you can go back to a peice of writing that you haven’t looked at in six months and think, “Not bad.  I’d pick this book up to read myself.” 
I’m still editing the boring stuff out of the next installment of Devolution.  Much easier to do when you haven’t seen it in six months.  I’ll post that then, and this is where it gets sticky, I’ll have to write some more.  At the end of the scene, my character and her brothers are confronted by a gang on a bridge, then everyone is swept off the bridge by a flood.  My character has been nearly drowned and pulled out of the water by strangers.  The possibilities are limitless. 
Wasn’t there another novel I was supposed to be writing this summer?  Yes, and it’s happening, just a little slower because my mind has too many things it wants to say all at once.  Feels a little like a flood.
 Oh!  Forgot to mention my latest poem, Agnostic Blessing, is up.  It was inspired by another poet I met at a workshop, Susan Deer Cloud.  I told her about seeing a wolf and she said that was powerful medicine.  That made me start thinking about other animals I had seen in the country where I live.  Hope you enjoy!