To MFA or not to MFA?

I recently had my tarot read while visiting Salem, MA.  (How could I not?)  The reader told me he saw me going back to school in the next year.  Yikes!  Don’t I have enough debt?  But, I must admit, I’ve been considering taking a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing recently.   I’ve heard one side of the argument say that all you really need to improve your writing… is to write.  The other side of the argument is that having people really critique and direct you helps you grow, accelerates the process.  Since I’ll be turning 35 next month, accelerating the growth process sounds good to me. 

So, I took another look online at MFA programs and, lo and behold, Cornell University, which is reasonably nearby, has an MFA program in creative writing that actually doesn’t cost anything if you get in.  This is, of course, because you do things like edit the literary mag which means a very big outlay of time.  Sounds intriguing.  However, the way they describe the program makes it sound like the only reason you would enter the program is to become a college professor.  Well, that’s not what I want at all.  I like my job.  The only reason I would leave it would be to write full time. 

So, for the time being, I think I’ll try applying for a grant that would enable me to take a little time off to write more and focus on other methods of improving my craft.  I know it needs improving.  I just want an editor to work with me one on one.  LOL