Getting Noticed

It’s a thrilling experience when something you write starts getting some attention.  That little flash fiction homage I wrote, Sweet Summertime, went from 8 views to 800 then on to 3 THOUSAND 841.  (Update – I just checked and it’s up to 6,600 views.  Apparently it stays on their front page for at least a week.  Wahoo!)  I’ve actually made a few dollars off something that just occurred to my brain one Sunday morning.  It’s nice to see that but it makes me wonder why?  Is it just the search engines noticing the tags I put on it or is it people actually reading it?  That’s hard to say when you don’t get feedback.   I did have one nice note from someone I don’t know.   (People I do know don’t bother to comment. Wish they would.)

I certainly appreciate the edict not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I would like to understand what drives the numbers on a thing like this.