NYFA Fellowship Workshop

The past few days I’ve been gathering my writing together, re-reading the information on how to apply for the fellowship and working on a biography to include.  I had pretty well decided that I would use an excerpt from my novel about a young woman in a post WWIII, post pandemic world for my writing sample.  It’s just a matter of editing to tighten it up and deciding which 20 pages to include.  I wasn’t sure what this workshop would have to offer me.  What I ended up taking away from it was a clear idea of how the selection process works.  It made me see that I really have to give them something that is going to stand out, that’s unique, in order to make it through the consecutive rounds.  I hope I can do that. 

My main questions had to do with what to put in a bio since I don’t have a lot of experience or a list of publications that I’ve been in, or an MFA degree.  I found out that the bio should be a snapshot of where I am right now as a writer.   I was somewhat surprised that I was told to include the fact that I facilitate a writer’s group at the library where I wor , but that it was okay to just say that I had published writing online rather than listing out what and where.  Sort of like using a large brush to paint with a broad stroke. 

The workshop really made it a lot easier to focus what I am working on right now and prepare for the application.  It also energized me to get to work.  I think I stand a good chance, perhaps as good as anyone else.