Oatmeal Waffles: Trial and Error

I wanted to try an oatmeal waffle recipe this week so I found one that used minimal ingredients and no wheat. It looked good. I didn’t have any oat flour so I made my own by processing oats in my small food processor. You can find the recipe at https://cookieandkate.com/easy-gluten-free-oat-waffles

I don’t think my mini food processor got the oats fine enough. The batter was certainly a thick enough consistency that it didn’t run out of the waffle maker but it didn’t create the smooth golden texture that the recipe creator pictured on her site. I suspect I’ll try this recipe again but next time I’ll process my oats either in my full size food processor or my bullet blender.

It made 8 waffles in my four-square Black and Decker waffle iron. They were hearty. I served them with sliced strawberries and a drizzle of full fat coconut milk for an afternoon snack. (Sadly, no cream on hand.)

I also don’t think I cooked the first batch long enough. They certainly weren’t crisp. The second batch were much darker. There was so much sodium in these I didn’t dare eat a second one that afternoon, though I wouldn’t say they tasted salty, but my husband did eat one from the second batch. He said they tasted more toasted, like when I toasted oats in the oven to make scones. He said the flavor overrode the strawberries and the coconut milk we drizzled on.

I’d really like to try one with butter and maple syrup, but we’ll see if there’s one in the house tomorrow. I’d also love to get my hands on some commercially produced oat flour before I make them again. If that works, I’ll see if I can bring the sodium in them down a bit.

I’m waffling a bit on whether I like the recipe or not. I’ll definitely give it another try.

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