Of Writing and Scones


Yay! I got back on the writing horse last night, fixed a scene in chapter 5 and added 500 words to chapter 6 of Firebound. In one way it doesn’t feel like much, but I haven’t written much of anything since last Wednesday, so it’s a vast improvement.

Let’s be honest, this #campnanowrimo or #stayathomewrimo hasn’t been as easy as we’d like it to be. I know my mind has been distracted by what is going on in the world, having my regular work at home with me, (just right there by my elbow,) trying to make sure my child doesn’t disappear into her handheld devices, and the unsettled weather yesterday. (There’s been a lot more baking too lately, particularly scones – cranberry, blueberry, and now chocolate chip.)

So, I’m making the commitment to write every night, after dinner, until bedtime. I really want to get this novel drafted and that is going to require some focus. Don’t wish me luck, wish me focus. #tirgearrtuesday

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