Ink Slinger Update: Words, Words, Words!


I’ll be taking part in a blog tour to promote Earthbound the second half of February so I’ve been busy, busy, busy writing entries for each stop on the tour AND trying to keep up with my Work-in-Progress, Firebound.
This weekend I hosted a Cabin Fever Write-in at my library for 16 writers and I even managed to do some writing of my own! I got about 2,000 words in on the blog tour posts then another 500 words on Firebound. I did about the same on Sunday.
On Monday I also went to a library workshop in Bighamton, New York that was held just down the street from the church that provides some of the backdrop for Firebound! It’s St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, pictured above in an old postcard.
My word count on Monday was a little trickier because I was answering questions in a Word file for an interview stop on the blog tour. (I really liked the questions, they were very fun, and I think people will find the answers interesting.)
All the links for the blog tour can be found at

But I’ll also share that again when it’s time.

Happy Writing and Reading ALL!

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