Writerly Update: Some Days Are Like This

Loading new year 2020 with person using a laptop

Some days are like this.

I went to get an egg out of the carton and it broke, in the carton, because it was stuck to it. Okay, I’ll just pour it right out of there, but it wouldn’t come out. Okay, I’ll go get a new egg. Went to the fridge, picked up the carton and opened it – egg promptly drops on the floor. Right. Okay. Clean that up and off to work.

No problem. Day will get better from here. Had a lovely drive in listening to Neil Gaiman read Stardust. Get to work and try to pick up bag with sweater lying across it to take inside, only to find that the corner of the sweater was caught in the car door and is now saturated with mud and rain. Right. Okay. Clean that up and head to my desk.

Sinuses are swollen, making my head feel lopsided and my ears itchy and congested.

And my sister gave my child a stitch your own lama pillow for Christmas. Awesome, totally cute, will enjoy doing this with her. However, she has only sewn one other thing and insists on doing it right now while she’s at work with me, because she can do it herself! But the thread is horrible and splits constantly and she drops the needle every three minutes, so I am going insane trying to thread the needle for her, every three minutes.

I feel like I’m in a Bridget Jones novel. Send help.

I did turn in my short story so I’m on to advertising the paranormal romance, Earthbound, coming out in January. (Still on pre-order for 99 cents until release on January 15th through all ebook outlets.) http://www.tirgearrpublishing.com/authors/Johnson_Melora/earthbound.htm

Plus, writing the new one, and then submitting the short stories that came back, rejected, in December.

Wishing for patience, peace, and decongestants for all in the New Year. Maybe some soup too. Or a wine glass full of Nyquil?

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