Writing Updates: Christmas! Argh!


Writing Updates

Poetry continues every week, just like breathing. I’m thinking about a small advertisement here on Facebook for those last minute shoppers who might buy books for their friends and relatives. A poetry book with such a beautiful cover is just what you need! 🙂


I’ve learned that advertising a book is a mind-boggling undertaking. I find posts by other writers that say, “Just do A, B, and C! It’s easy!” Except that I feel like I’m doing Algebra instead of simple addition.

I’m just finishing up editing a short story set during the recon of Iwo Jima that I’ve been working on for a while. I did a LOT of research for it, but I wanted to get the details right even though it’s fiction. (I’ve learned that historical fiction is one of the most difficult things to write, in my opinion.) My writer’s group has been extremely encouraging about it and helpful with suggestions for edits. I’m almost there!

Meanwhile, Christmas shopping and baking goes on with me substituting ingredients and leaving out sugar here and there then swearing silently about it. I’m also at work most of the day so . . . “Firebound” has been on the back burner, just bubbling a little in my mind. I make tiny notes and imagine little bits of scenes, thinking how this or that fits in.

And I just listened to a wonderful book that I can highly recommend, “A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman. It was lovely and sad and uplifting with a STRONG vein of humor running through it. It’s a
Swedish film and we’re going to watch the movie tonight. (I’ve seen suggestions that Tom Hanks will be producing an American version of the film. I can understand why.)

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas!

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