Writerly Update: BIG News!

good news, hands holding paper with text concept, positive media

I have BIG news to share! I was offered a contract for my first paranormal romance, “Earthbound,” by a publishing house!

It was a little mind-blowing to receive that e-mail; took several hours to realign my mind so it worked properly.

As I gathered up information this weekend to fill out forms for the publisher, I found the work I’ve already been doing in figuring out how to describe my book and developing media channels made it a MUCH less onerous process. This is the business of writing.

At the same time, my brain wants to be creating. I have one short story in the works set during the U.S. storming of Iwo Jima. The Japanese defense involved miles and miles of tunnels – very fertile ground for a story.

Then there’s the follow-up to “Earthbound,” – lines pop into my head at any time.

It’s great to be a writer – but very time-consuming.

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