Update: Has Anyone Seen My Flash Drive?


Ah, the writing life. Things have not quite gone to plan . . . again.
First, I left my flash drive at work, an hour away. My weekend schedule simply did not hold two hours to drive out there and get it, and a major part of my plan was to edit Earthbound while my car got a new catalytic converter this morning. (That didn’t happen, but that’s a whole other story.) Thankfully my husband offered to go get the flash drive while I did Easter preparations with our daughter.
Then, this morning, Windows decided to update, though I HAD turned automatic updates off AND just run updates on Thursday. A box popped up offering to save my edits but before I could approve it, Windows forced my word processing software to crash. The recovered document held none of my editing but, thankfully, the original file opened and SOME of the edits were in there.
So, not as far as I planned but neither am I back at square one. I did work on eliminating the use of SEEM and WAS, as much as possible.
Tomorrow is another day which will, undoubtedly, hold more editing.

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