A White Dog Driving a Car?


I had a very strange dream this morning. In it, I had gone to a writers conference. Other people were concerned about getting parking tickets and I thought I’d better add money to my meter but when I went outside, my car had been towed away!

It was actually my husband’s car because mine was in for repair. I was stranded if I couldn’t get it back, so I went back to the conference and explained my predicament to the room. Two ladies volunteered to help me get to the impound lot before it closed.

We left and were walking down a snowy sidewalk. (This is where it gets weird.) We were following a small white dog driving a child size car. We were concerned about him and made sure he got safely home then went on to the office building but arrived too late. There was a bar on the ground floor so we stopped there for a drink and to consider what I should do.

In walked an editor I recognized, somehow, from a large publishing house, along with two of his staff. He sat down right next to me. Flustered, I asked if I could tell him my pitch line but flubbed it. I hung my head, saying, “It’s too long.”

“Yeah,” he said, “but I’m intrigued. Send it to me.” He gave me his card and I asked, “My query letter or the whole book?” He replied, “The book, and make sure you send it directly to me.”

I was home today because my car was in the shop so I worked on my query letter, marketing plan, and editing on my novel, Earthbound.

Anybody know any small white dogs that drive, or any bars where I’m likely to run into an editor from a publishing house? I’d be interested in either.

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