Earthbound Update


This week will need extra coffee and there MIGHT be wine, at some point.

I THOUGHT I was done editing my paranormal romance, Earthbound, but then I decided to double check some facts and bring in some more details. This led me to the realization that some major plot points in the very beginning need to be changed. My main character may even need to be relocated geographically. Oops. I’ll get there, but it may take another week.

Earthbound: Ally is a veterinarian and a raptor rehabilitator with healing hands. She loves what she does and she’s good at it, but otherwise she keeps to herself high on her Upstate New York hill. Ally has secrets that she hasn’t even shared with her best friend. Then she is called to take on the rehabilitation of a raptor by the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center at Cornell University. There she meets Matthew Blake. He has quite a few secrets of his own, and some of them are about Ally.


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