Reading Poetry


I’ve read weekly for others at writer’s group and I’ve read a poem or two at open mics but never had a reading all to myself, until this past Sunday at Card Carrying Books & Gifts, shown in the picture. I found I was rather nervous, though I guess I didn’t need to be.

It was a small group – twelve people – two friends, one of which dragged her husband along, and my family. The rest were the store manager, store owners and their families. One of the store owners did ask me to sign a copy for herself and a friend.

I definitely learned I need to start promoting readings sooner.

Next up is recording the audio book. I recorded a few in preparation for the reading and I want to get on with recording the book so I’ll be checking into what I need to do that. Hoping I can just borrow the equipment from our library’s maker space. We have quite an array of options there.

I’ll be part of a local author meet and greet with book sales and signing on November 10th at the North Corning Fire Hall and I’m hoping to put together a group reading and sale at the library with local authors in the near future as well.

I keep writing more, all the time.

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