Artist’s Statement


I’ve been working on my application for a Sustainable Arts individual award. Here’s my artist’s statement, so far.

Artist’s Statement: For me, writing is a way to reach out and connect with others and, hopefully, to help them feel connected. I believe that the connection which writing and reading can bring dispels the illusion of our distance and loneliness. I write because I have something to say, a story to tell, either that I think will interest someone or help them in some way. I write for others but, even more so, I write for myself. I use my writing to explore ideas and situations, to exorcise my demons, to reflect upon and respond to the world around me, or to explain my thinking about a subject. I write because it’s how I make sense of the world and how I express my outrage or joy. I write, in part, because I like to write. It’s fun. I like to play with words, like some kids like to build castles with sand. I’d say that’s reason enough. It has led me to take the idea to “write the story you want to read” to heart. I know, occasionally, I write something and think – oh, that’s nice, I like that, and that’s just plain fun.

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