A Sense of Creative Satisfaction


Most authors know that writing, editing, and publishing a book takes a commitment of years. My friend, author Patrick Thomas, says that in Hollywood it’s “Yes! Yes! Yes!” until it’s no, but in publishing it’s “No. No. No.” until it’s Yes! It can be disheartening at times, waiting for that break.
So, what can make that wait, for your publishing break or any other big achievement in life, more bearable? Perhaps small creative side jobs.
Not too long ago we had an NYU professor in expository writing, Andrei Guruianu, at my library to talk about finding and creating side projects in order to get that sense of accomplishment that will buoy your spirits while you work on longer projects.
It can be little side projects in writing, like my self-published poetry book, or something in a totally different creative vein, like author Christy Jackson Nicholas’ bead work and photography.
Hey, it can be cooking or gardening or needlework. The point is setting a small task and enjoying the satisfaction derived from a job well done.
I’ve been using a book titled “642 Things to Write About” for writing prompts. I’ve been writing on six prompts every week and getting two or three new poems out of it. That has been giving me a sense of accomplishment and something I can share here and on my blog.
What do you do to get your sense of accomplishment?

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