Ready for a Nap but Still Writing

We had a writer’s group meeting this week and there was a lot of theoretical what if-ing going on, always fun. We had two people returning or new to our group that night. It’s interesting how shifting membership of a group can bring different things to the table and fresh energy.

I continue to urge people to find or start a writer’s group. Even if you don’t all write the same style or genre, you can help each other. Some people will say, “well, I don’t write that type of writing so how can I offer anything useful?” Most often, people can pick out what doesn’t sound right and, with practice, they can say why it doesn’t sound right. I’ve heard it called beta reading instead of editing. It is still very useful to a writer.

Our group read one of the short stories I had created during NaNoWriMo and gave me some feedback so I can finish it up then offer it to Yahoo! Voices. For a prompt, I had a note to myself to start a story with someone walking into an elevator and saying, “I know you’re all wondering why I’ve called you here today.”

It turned out the person had four envelopes for the people in the elevator telling them to be at a certain place that night. I was a little surprised where it went, sort of playing on my enjoyment of mystery and the unexplained in life. One of my favorite thoughts from the Doctor Who series is when The Doctor, as played by Tom Baker, says, “Nothing is inexplicable, only unexplained.” And yet, so much can remain unexplained for our entire lives, even generations. This story plays with that notion.

I’ve picked up several very short writing assignments from Yahoo! since NaNo ended and enjoyed writing them, both because I enjoy the challenge of writing something of interest in a very short form, and because it really helps my motivation to simply finish something. (You can see my latest at )

I’m trying to combat the down time after NaNoWriMo where I don’t particularly feel like working on the project I started during November. I’ve got so much I started that I still need to work on but I’m taking it one piece at a time.

One of these days, I’m just going to take a nap.

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