The Fine Art of Procrastination

Well, it’s June 1st and I’m supposed to be starting my novel today.  What have I done instead?  Let’s see…

  • Got up.
  • Showered.
  • Had breakfast.
  • Checked Facebook.
  • Started laundry.
  • (Congratulated friend on finishing her novel today.)
  • Wrote in my journal.
  • Finished making grocery list.
  • Went grocery shopping with husband and munchkin.
  • Made lunch.
  • Ate lunch.
  • Put away leftovers.
  • Continued laundry.
  • Got munchkin down for her nap.
  • Looked at Facebook.
  • Read Ragen Chastain’s blog on health at every size.
  • Writing a blog post!

There were quite a few other odds and ends in between there but you get the idea.  I’ve finished reading Writing the Breakout Novel and it has made me think about a number of aspects of my book but it has also made me realize how far I have to go in developing this idea.  So, do I plan it all out on paper before I start writing or do I just start and see where I go?  I think the answer will be somewhere in between. 

I’m not even sure where this novel starts.  Does it begin with the short story that I wrote or at another point?  I’ve got the character, setting and scene charts here.  I’ll fill out everything that seems evident and hope it points me in a direction.  If not, I’ll start with the short story that I wrote and go from there.  I like to have a picture in my head of a scene and get that out every day, which usually turns out to be about three pages. 

Here’s to a summer of creativity!

But first, I think I’ll go take a peek at Pinterest. 😉

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