Time and Space

Do you ever feel like you’re not accomplishing much, sort of spinning your wheels, even though you’ve been writing?  That was me last week.  I finished writing a Villanelle titled Regrets, no small feat for me, and edited a chunk of a larger story into a short story, Devolution: The Beginning.  I turned both in to Yahoo Voices!  and they’ve been published.  But I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything lately.  I even wrote a new poem that I rather like.  Still, not getting that feeling of accomplishment.

I wonder if, perhaps, it’s because I’m not working on what I feel I should be working on write now… a novel.  I’ve put Writing the Breakout Novel in my bag to take to work with me and I’ll start reading.  I don’t have anything else on the schedule that I have committed to so I’m free to read that and start working on the novel.  A novel in six months?  Why not?  We write short, choppy ones in one month during November every year.  If I take one I’ve started, surely I can finish drafting it by the end of the year and have something far superior to what I’ve turned out in any November in the past six years.

Or perhaps it’s because I’m not writing daily?  There’s no consistency to my efforts.  I’m pretty much on a deadline approach to my writing most of the time which isn’t very conducive to creativity.  I need some creative space.

Or perhaps my well of creativity is simply running low.  I need a little inspirational rain.

All good things worth a try.  Read, write and take in something inspirational.  Hmmm, when?  Well, there’s the drive to work to think about my writing.  Sometimes that helps with the creativity and I come up with a few lines that I can jot down when I get there.  Lunch time is a little easier to read than write.  The evening is pretty well given over to taking care of the munchkin.  Sometimes I can read or write a little after I get her in bed, if I’m not too tired to be creative.

That doesn’t leave much time for creativity.  It won’t be easy, but I know it can be done because others have.  Time to make the most of every minute we can.  We can do this.  We can give ourselves over to the creative process and the novel will come forth.  Believe in the magic.  Heck, it built a baseball diamond.  Or was that a book?

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