A Novel Idea

Lots of thinking going on about my writing in the past week.  I’m enjoying watching the views add up on my Yahoo! Voices page as people read things I’ve written.  I had two items due on Wednesday that proved more difficult than I expected.  I wrote a four hundred word entry on Easter memories that took a little time to get started but then the angle became clear as I thought about how my memories center around going to my Grandmother’s for vacation the week after Easter and weeding her flower beds.  That became Easter Vacations in the Country.  It was my favorite place to be and where I’ve returned to live and raise my own daughter.

The second piece was a bit more difficult.  I decided to write a Western.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  It’s never been my favorite genre but images of Little House on the Prairie flashed through my head and I thought I could do it.  Actually, I had a halfway decent idea, about a strong woman who leads the family, but not in time to really write it properly.  It turned into something pretty hokey.  I’m still trying to decide whether to invest the time to save it or leave it as the hokey western romance it turned into and move on.

Thursday night was our writer’s group meeting and I decided to share a science fiction short story for feedback that I wrote for a contest, (which it didn’t win.)  I was surprised at the strong reactions it drew.  They generally thought it deserved to be a novel.  I’m really considering working on that.  If I could write one page a day even, that would be 365 pages in a year’s time.  But where to start?  I don’t have a big vision for this.  It’s going to take some thinking.


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