Writing from the recesses of my brain

It’s funny how we can write something down, tuck it away then come back to it months later and not even remember writing it.  I have a habit of scribbling down little notes and bits of dialogue then tucking them in a pocket in my bag so that they won’t be lost to the recesses of my brain.  I just got a new tote bag and pulled all my notes out of the pocket of my old bag to reconsider.   Is it worth keeping or should I toss it?  A couple notes popped out at me as good prompts.  Feel free to see where they lead you. 

“Sins of omission, causing pain through what you fail to do.”

“Write the story you’d want to read.”

I’ve published several pieces on Yahoo! Voices in the past month or so, a couple new ones just this week.  There’s a little poem based on an image, a science fiction short story, another flash fiction based on the night the tornado hit, and more.  I keep hoping another will be featured as the little flash fiction was, but nothing so far.  They seem to be going through some changes just at the moment.  I’m still waiting to see how things shake out there. 


My goal in putting writing up there is two fold.  First, I would love to make some money off my writing.  (I half jokingly refer to it as my debt reduction plan.  Anything I make off my writing goes toward reducing my debt at the moment.)  Second, and perhaps most importantly, I am trying to bring my writing to the notice of those who might be out there perusing writers.  One of the short stories I published this week, Devolution, is a piece taken out of my science fiction novel in progress.  In a post pandemic world, Sarah and her brothers search for civilization. My pie-in-the-sky hope is that a publisher might happen upon the story and ask to see more of it.  At least it’s not hiding in a drawer somewhere.

Do you have something lurking in a drawer somewhere that deserves to see light?  Why not get it out and find a way to share it?

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