Big Think Short Fiction Contest

Well, this one is a little more than 50 words but it’s still going to be short. is running a short story contest this weekend.  In no more than 1,000 words, give them a story on “future food.”  It must be submitted by midnight Sunday, February 19th (a.k.a. 12 a.m. on February 20th) through  

Signing up on Storiad is pretty easy.  Then you simply submit a new project and check mark the box that you are submitting to the Big Think Short Fiction Contest.  You do have to submit the file as either word or a pdf.  (I think pdf is the more all around friendly choice to make sure anyone can view your document.) 

The top three winners will be published on  There’s no other prize that I noticed, but just adding a win to your writing credentials is a good thing.  Why not?  This could get interesting.

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