Your Life’s Work

I recently heard someone say that if you don’t start your life’s work by the age when Christ died, you never will.  That sounded rather profound, until I started thinking about it.

What about Grandma Moses?  Her enduring legacy is her paintings but she didn’t start that until much later in life.  She had done many other creative endeavors in her life but the painting came late. 

So, what do they mean by starting?  I’m not making a living off my writing but I’ve been writing since I was 10 or 12.   I wrote a middle grade mystery novel when I was twenty-something that I’ve submitted to a few agents and editors but haven’t sold yet.  I’ve started other novels that I’d like to continue. 

And just how old was Christ when he died?  That seems to be a matter of some debate, depending on what calendar you’re using.

Isn’t time relative to our existence here on Earth and our individual lives in particular?  Grandma Moses lived to be 101.  I don’t expect to.  Guess I’d better get writing.

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