Finding the time and energy

I’ve basically had five goals in my life – live on the family farm and work on fixing it up, find a great guy, have a child, lose weight and write for a living.  Not necessarily in that order, of course.  This past year, I’ve suddenly found myself in the position of having the first three of them well under way.  It makes me wonder if the other two just might be possible. 

Things have happened in the past year that have certainly inspired me in the area of writing.  I’ve gotten to meet two great authors in the course of my work as a librarian and I’ve started a writer’s group at my library that keeps me thinking about my writing.  But I haven’t made much headway in my own writing.  I’ve always said it seems like you either have time or money, never both.  Unfortunately, the bill collectors won’t wait until I sell a novel or two. 

Now, I may be forced to have time to myself because of the pregnancy.  It could be a great chance to do some writing!  Except that I’ve developed carpal tunnel that won’t clear up until the baby is born and typing is a bit difficult.  I can only do so much before I need to give it a rest.  So, I may have to work through the pain in order to accomplish anything.  Forced to prove how much I want it I guess.

So, right now, my two goals are editing my middle grade mystery novel to get it ready to try to sell again then get back to writing the novel I started for NaNoWriMo about a woman who finds herself pregnant and alone.  We’ll see where it leads.

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