Cascades of yellow blooms and…

the sweep of greening fields down the hill to the tree line say that it is Spring!  After a crummy day emotionally and physically, it was a lovely ride home.

Pregnancy has not been easy.  I should definitely be making use of this material.  There’s plenty of humor in it.   I’ve never appreciated handicapped bathrooms more, partially because the hand rails are really useful when you’re leaning over with morning sickness.  I never thought I’d be grateful to have my hands going numb either, as opposed to some incredible pain I’ve experienced due to the swelling and pregnancy induced carpal tunnel.  Wish I’d had the energy to write more down as it was going on.  Now I’m in my seventh month and my brain is just losing information.  I recently had to have a friend remind me how to use a Pampered Chef can opener that I’ve had for years! 

It seems fortuitous that all this wonderful information and experiences came my way right after I started writing a novel about a character who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant.  Now I just need to actually make use of it.

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