That was not what I wanted to hear.

Went to the NYFA web site today to try to find out when they are notifying people by about winning fellowships.  They appear to have pushed back the date to May instead of April.  On one hand I know that there were a lot of applicants and my chances were probably small but another part of me is so hopeful because it would help so much right now.  Part of me says that I have as much chance as anyone else. 

So… I’m wondering if this change is the Universe’s way of giving me the chance to prove that I deserve it by getting back to my writing in some small way.  It could at least be a useful way to look at it.  It’s not easy to do much writing right now because the pregnancy induced carpal tunnel has really been making my hands hurt, but I can certainly do some really small thing a day. 

Perhaps I could work on some poetry.  That requires much more time pondering the words than actually typing.  I’ve been paying more attention to songs again lately  On the way home tonight I was thinking how song lyrics and poetry are not usually really interchangeable.  Songs require the music to give them structure, rhythm and cadence where poetry needs that to be built into the words themselves.  There are exceptions, of course, but a lot of the songs that I like just will not work as poetry.  I’ve written more poetry than I have songs.  The music just doesn’t come to me as easily and I don’t have the knowledge base to easily write down  the music. 

So that’s what I was thinking.


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