Full steam ahead!

Wow!  Now that http://www.nanowrimo.org has got their pages set up for the upcoming National Novel Writing Month in November and people are starting to log on, I’m getting really excited about the possibilities.  I can’t decide whether I want to work on my young adult novel Devolution or my new mainstream novel Pumpkin Time.  I’m excited about both.  I’ll be doing some editing on Devolution this friday as I prepare to submit a sample for the NYFA Fellowship.  Perhaps that will help me decide.

I’m also thinking about that Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Contest and getting excited again about working on a story I had thought of for that.  (Briefly, the Rapture happens and nobody notices.  The Antichrist is very confused.)  I also have to work on editing the first three chapters of my juvi mystery for writer’s group and my online application for NYFA.  Busy, busy, busy! 

Friday is my day off this week and it’s looking like major writing time for me!

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