Staying focused and letting it flow

The writer’s group I facilitate, and now this blog, have been helping me keep focused on my writing.  That’s a necessity when you have very little time to write.  This morning, as I was driving to work, I though I should list out all the projects I’m working on.   I started thinking though them. 

There’s the middle grade mystery novel I’m editing, The Light on the Hill, and the sequel I have planned, The Light in the Attic.  I have another middle grade novel about a witch with a special power to “hear” things others can’t that I’m calling Listen to the Wind.  Then I move up to Young Adult Lit. with my post apocalyptic novel, Devolution.  I also have two adult novel projects started.  One I’ve written the beginning to twice, hopefully I can finish it one of these days.  That one is called No Man Land, about a young woman who gets dumped and inherits a house.  She goes from searching from a man to searching for herself. 

Then I thought of my newest novel idea.  It’s about a newlywed whose husband up and disappears when she gets pregnant, leaving her a note that he realized he “isn’t ready to be a father.”   Afraid that she’s going to lose the family farm, she agrees to let her brother and his wife buy her out so she can live in the house.  As I was driving along I saw a billboard for a farm, several thoughts clicked into place, and the title Pumpkin Time popped into my mind.  “Really?” I thought incredulously.  but the more I thought about it, the more appropriate it seemed.  She’s pregnant and the image of a pumpkin definitely works with that, the family farm could be a working pumpkin farm, AND it’s midnight for her – Cinderella’s coach just turned back into a pumpkin and Prince Charming turned into a rat.

Just using the time I had driving to work moved me along in my writing.  I’m not sure which novel I’ll work on for NaNoWriMo but I joined today.  I’ve still got a month to decide.  Who knows how far I’ll get in that amount of time?  I just need to stay focused.

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